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Who We Are

We listen, understand, and we deliver according to your needs and requirements.

We have a large varierty of products ranging from bags, pens, household items, dairies & calendars, eco products, umbrellas, desktop items, medals & trophies, T-shirts & uniforms, lanyards, bottles & mugs. etc. Some of our services include designing, product and packaging proposal/advise and customisation that tailors to your budget or event.

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Our Mission

Catalia Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (673798-V) is a Malaysian premiums and gifts solution company which was incorporated in 2004 with a vision to create value added differentiation in the marketplace.

As with any other businesses, the corporate premiums and gifts industry is indeed a very competitive one and only the fittest will survive. Now, we intend to not only survive but to grow by being competitive, innovative and productive. Well, it is easy to use beautiful words but for us we are definitely very serious in living up to what we preach. Thus far, we did not disappoint our clients!

Our Specialties


We can custom make products right out from concepts and drawings.


We complement our products offering with logo design, slogan creation, color scheme advice and others.


We really pay attention to details to meet our client’s specifications.

catalia cap custom printing
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We conduct Quality Control (QC) in addition to those conducted at the factories.


We provide logistics for deliveries throughout Malaysia as well as overseas.


We have a vast network of OEM factories locally as well as overseas to our sales and marketing effort.

Our Team.

Our organization is made up of young, vibrant and creative people with a huge passion to succeed in creating that differentiation.

Catalia Corporation Location

Our Office

Sunway Mas Commercial Centre

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